Check jamb result is the main gist of today before that know it that Jamb exams have come and gone, we are in the race to check our various performance in other to determine if we are eligible to push forward with our studies. It is no that to know that Nigerian citizens are still hungry of checking their respective  JAMB achievements. Until then, nothing has really happened.

check jamb result

check jamb result

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that the Jamb Exam was said to be conducted in March, That is the main reason why they are still in the race of checking if they made it or not. You have no worries at all, In a comprehensive article, we will be looking at how to check my JAMB result with a registration number.

How To Check Jamb Result

It has been revealed that some person now go straight to make use of JAMB result checker is a completely no-charge service you can perform for yourself. Knowing too well that the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) Is fully in charge of this these tests.

You can as well on your own simply attend JAMB portal Using your smartphones or equally laptops to figure out your performance and academic excellence. It is important we make it known to you that student who took part in JAMB should have his or her registration number to commence that.

check jamb result

check jamb result

Candidates should be able to know it that after they must have finished their exams, they can as well make use of JAMB result checker online which is said to be smart and reliable. Also, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board usually sends you a text message with your results on it or they can equally send it to you via electronic mail with your result grades on it days after the exam date.

You have no worries at all because your credentials will not be shared with any 3rd party. Meaning that no one will report or share your results with you, your friends or anyone else. This is something only you can perform. With this, you are Good to go.

Simple Steps On How To Check Jamb Result

In this article, we will be sharing with you on how you can be able to check your Jamb result with the help of your registration number. Go down through this article to Know what we are up to.

1. Kindly visit Jamb JAMB portal which simply offers official JAMB result checker option for all candidates.

2.  Kindly look for this link and start any browser using the indicated link

3. After that, you will have to click on ‘Check 2018 UTME Results.’ which will see you insert your Reg Number.

4. You will be redirected to this webpage

5. On this step 5, you will be required to provide some information. Failure to provide any information, all  Users will simply have to register a profile and then enter their JAMB registration number only.

6.  Click on ‘Check My results.’

7. You are good to go. Your jamb performance will be shown to you.

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that over a million citizens of Nigerian candidates took part in the recent Joint Admission and Matriculation Board’s tests in 2018. Some candidate has checked their score, while others have not.

Watch Video On How To Check Your Jamb Result


With the above information, you can now check your jamb result with your Reg Number. Do you have any question regarding this article? make it known to us via the comment box below. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated. Share this article with family and friends via any of the share buttons.

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